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This multi-part model from Lost Kingdom Miniatures is not only a powerful hero, but is also a beautiful centerpiece of scenery to your table.


We have quite a few options available for this piece. You can purchase only Saori with her Nekukoru, which will come on a decorative base topper designed to fit on a 60mm round base. Or you can purchase the full model with the Kodama Portal, which is designed to fit on a 160mm round base.


If your purchase the full model designed for the 160mm base, you have the option of the large 160mm base coming as a complete piece, or with a 60mm hole in the middle of it, that the smaller 60mm base topper can be inset in to, so that you can play Saori on the battlefield without the huge 160mm decorative base.


We are also offering Saori and her Nekokuro in a 75mm scale, but not the entire diorama.


We do not provide bases with any any of our prints, as we find that resin printed bases are too soft, unless a decorative base is part of the print, and recommend buying bases made of a more rigid material.

Saori, the Ancient Druid

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